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We're here to help you find your perfect home as quickly as possible! Check out our ultimate rental guide and embark on a thorough step-by-step process to find your ideal place.

Select Your Locality

Look for a location near your workplace and map out your travel times via the commute routes nearby. This saves your travel costs in the long run and ensures you don't spend a lot of your time stuck in traffic.
Consider important questions such as - Does the locality fulfil all your needs? Is it offering good schools that your children can go to? Does it give quick access to healthcare?
Factor 1
Property Type

Consider whether you need a furnished, semi, or fully furnished flat. This totally depends on your budget and lifestyle preferences.

Factor 2

Get an idea of the average rental costs in your city. Factor in the deposit, groceries, utilities, and transport expenses to calculate your budget.

Factor 3
Verified Home Listings

Instead of hiring a broker, search for homes on verified online listing websites. offers this service, and that too, at no brokerage!

Go on site visits and don't shy away from asking your queries to the landlord. Here are 2 things to keep in mind
Inspect Flats

Thoroughly check every living space and the working state of the plumbing, electric switches, & appliances.

Know Tenant Rules

Examine the state of the society as well. Find out their tenant rules and whether they suit your lifestyle.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind

Focus on locality safety, and you could also see how it looks at nighttime.

Carefully scan the flat and conduct a pest check to avoid problems later. If you do shortlist a home, take videos of appliances before moving in to verify their working state.

Account for hidden costs such as charges for maintenance, electricity, parking, and other amenities. These expenses should be discussed with the landlord in detail and then clearly defined in the rental agreement as to who pays for them.
Further research the average rent value of the property well before you enter any negotiation talks with the landlord. Our professional experts have ground reality of this and can help negotiate on your behalf.
Convey your plans to stay in the house for a long time. The landlord may then consider you as a stable and reliable investment and may lower their asking price.

Draft A Rental Agreement

Here are some important points that are covered in the rental agreement.

Begin and end date of tenancy
Monthly rent payable
Security deposit paid to the landlord.
Payment responsibility for maintenance, electricity, and repair charges
Rental Agreement renewal date
Terms & notice period for the exit.

Once the agreement is signed and registered, you will get possession of the property from the landlord and can move in!

Frequently Asked Questions

    According to the Registration Act, you must register a rental agreement if the lease of the property is less than a year.

      First, a lawyer drafts the rent agreement based on the given information. Once you and the landlord approve it - the document is printed on stamp paper and then sent back to you for signatures. After this, biometric verification is done to confirm your identity. (Do carry your passport size photos and Aadhar card at the sub-registrars office). Once the stamp duty is paid, the document registration is complete. Last, you must schedule for police verification, after which your rent agreement is valid. You can also draft the rent agreement online and register it through the government E-filing website.

        You can check out as we list verified properties for rent and do not take any brokerage from tenants! Our experts also provide end-to-end services such as - helping you shortlist homes, negotiating with the landlord, and explaining the entire rent agreement process to you.

          A landlord may ask you for a security deposit that covers 2 to 6 months of rent.

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