Get an Instant Home-value estimate

How We Calculate The Selling Price For Your Property

1. We Offer Accurate Valuation Data.

HomeBazaar.com provides a precise value of your home listed for sale. This is because we employ automated home-value tools and multiple listing services (MLS), which offer accurate data of similar homes that were put up for sale or were sold in your area. Access to such data allows us to do a thorough comparative analysis of homes in your locale and estimate the value of your property.

2. We Back Data With Expertise!

However, remember that home-value tools can only predict a near-exact estimate. The fact is that you will always need the hands-on expertise of a real estate professional. And that is why we send advisors to evaluate your property, where they compare features such as amenities, interior & exterior spaces, configuration, location, and more. Based on our data and the analysis given by our experts, we provide the current sale value of your home.

How To Get A Correct Estimate Of Your Property

1. Check HomeBazaar.com

For Sellers - you may get an idea on the current sale value of your home by checking similar homes in your area. For Buyers - you can see the value of the last deal for interested properties on our website.

2. Speak With Our Experts For An Evaluation

Once you contact us, we will get you in touch with our real estate advisors who will assess your home and quote its selling price.