Easy Guidelines For A Hassle-free Buying Experience via HomeBazaar.com

Our real estate experts have collated valuable advice for you, which will help you get your dream home at its best cost! Below are a few factors that will make your home-buying process simple, ensuring that you choose a fantastic abode for your family!
The simple factors beneath can help make the home purchasing reasonable and help you settle on the most ideal choices.

Set A Budget

  • Prepare an ideal budget that would work for you, even before you set out to find your home. You can start by knowing your Home Loan Eligibility. Once, you have an estimate of the downpayment and monthly EMIs suitable for you, planning the rest of your finances becomes easier! Further, monitor your monthly expenses closely, and remember to account for costs such as rent payments, home repairs and investments.


Research The Location.

  • Look for a home that suits your needs - be it related to commuting, green surroundings, nearby infrastructure, and such. If you are buying for self-use - opt for a locale where all the major conveniences, schools, healthcare, and transport routes are easy to access. Remember that the location should offer a high price appreciation as well so that the resale value of your home increases in the future.


Choose The Right Type Of Property

  • This entirely depends on your budget and lifestyle needs. A ready-to-move-in property is great if you want to move in quickly or if you wish to avoid paying rent and EMIs simultaneously. It is also an ideal option for an investor who wants to put the property up for lease immediately. However, do remember that under-construction homes cost lower and hence are easier on the finances! Their downpayment amount is comparatively lesser as well.


Consider The Resale Value

  • The resale value of your home depends on the configuration type and property location. Both 1 and 2 BHKs are popular in metro cities and will give good returns on investment. Factors like offered amenities, green surroundings, and developing infrastructure around the property will further increase its price appreciation - ultimately offering a high resale value.


Calculate Your Loan Eligibility

  • Home Loan Eligibility depends on criteria such as your age, salary, credit score, other financial obligations, and whether you can reimburse the entire amount. You can quickly check the loan amount you are eligible for through our online calculator or a bank. Remember to compare interest rates and opt for an EMI plan that is less than 40% of your monthly income. We can further provide end-to-end support for a seamless home loan process.


Check Stamp Duty & Registration Fees

  • These two taxes are paid at the time of property registration and legally recognise you as the owner. The charges vary from city to city, and you need to know these rates before buying your home. If you further want an accurate market valuation for a property, you need to contact HomeBazaar.com to find your valuation zone and subzone.


Account For Additional Expenses

  • Home buying can be a lengthy process where you may need support from a group of experts. Hence, your finances should have cash flow at hand for GST, property taxes, parking charges, brokerage, and fees charged by loan specialists, home loan representatives, land assessors, and attorneys.Here's a tip to lessen your expenses - Consult with experts at Homebazaar.com, and we won't charge you any brokerage fees!


Get Property Insurance

  • Property Insurance secures your monetary future if your home suffers damage from theft, fire, or natural disasters. The expense is generally low, but you should choose a plan that suits your needs. There is a range of home insurance plans in the market covering property contents or harm to the physical structure of your home. Picking the correct house insurance makes the way toward purchasing simple.


Choose Convenience Over Glamour

  • Purchasing a home is often a once-in-a-lifetime investment. And it can certainly be a rewarding experience if you find a dream home that ticks everything on your checklist. However, it's also equally alright to opt for a property that provides only the basic amenities. If you find a beautiful home that suits all your needs, you have already won the battle!