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Top 10 Modern Wooden Door Designs For Your Home In 2021

Wooden Door Designs are known for their aesthetic significance and universal design appeal. Besides durability, Modern Door Designs play a vital role in enriching the overall home interior design. The availability in multiple styles, colors, and configurations gives a range of design options to choose from. In this article, you will get the top 10 most impressive Modern Wooden Doors Designs in 2021.

Veneer Door Designs

Veneer Doors are made from the most durable natural raw materials. The Veneer doors come in a range of exquisite designs and color combinations.  The easy workability characteristics of the Veneer allow the creation of highly customized door designs to meet the unique requirements. 

The Veneer Door Designs Has Following Key Features

  • Gives Greater Dimensional Stability
  • Highly Durable Doors
  • Quality Surface Coating
  • Availability In The Range Of Colours And Designs
  • Perfect For The High-End Interiors

Here are some of the exquisite Veneer Door Designs

Besides its distinct design qualities, Veneer doors are sturdy, highly resilient, and suitable for climatic conditions. Therefore, Veneer Door Designs have become one of the most famous Modern Wooden Doors Designs.

HDF Flat Door Designs  

The Speciality of the HDF Flat Door Designs is the richness of its texture and finishes. Different designs and styles can be set by choosing the appropriate grain textures. Also, you can choose the smooth plain door surfaces for a subtle look. 

Some of the Key Benefits of using the HDF Flat Door Designs are

  • The HDF Flat Door Design goes very well with a majority of the home interior theme.
  • HDF flat door designs offer high flexibility for the installation because of their trim capacity.
  • The HDF Flat door designs have resistance to Moisture and rots. 
  • The designs do not get affected by the climate conditions. 

Here are some of the exquisite Flat Door Designs

The HDF flat doors are preferred for the most natural styles of home interiors. The flat door designs give the simplest themes and can be customized for vibrant styles as per the requirements.

Foiled Door Designs

Foiled Doors are comparatively lighter but have higher stability. Moreover, the Foiled Doors designs are often considered one of the ideal designs for the home interior. It displays the complete combination of simplicity and aesthetic design.

The Key Features of the Foiled Door Designs are as follows

  • Foiled doors designs are lighter but robust.
  • The series of glass plate combinations can be used to enhance the overall design.
  • Various foils styles can be chosen according to the theme of the home interior design.
  • More subtle or sublime tones can be made depending on the design requirements. 

 Norma Decor

Norma Decor is one of the most widely used Wooden Door designs. The central placement of the Glass design gives it a serene appearance. By changing the central arrangement of the glass designs, it can be used for the bedrooms, bathrooms, and even for the entry door. 


The Strada foiled Door Designs generally has two or more central strips either Glass or simple Wood. The Strada design gives a classical appeal and effective contributors to enhance the overall appearance of the home interior. 


The Orso door designs have the central rectangle glasses or the wooden patches. The ORSO has a solid tone and can be adjusted depending on the theme of the carpet or the wall. ORSO can be used for the main entry doors and bedrooms. 


Parma has small rectangular designs at the center of the door. Mainly the glass is used in the central design to gives a subtle thematic touch to the door design. Different designs can be made by trying out different combinations of glass and plain wooden patches. 


Lido is one of the plainest but effective wooden door designs. The combinations of the Lido designs come with simple lines engraved on the polished wooden material. Lido is considered best for the main entry doors and can be used for the rooms by doing thematic improvisation. 

Modular Door Designs

Modular Door Designs enable you to add an extra decorative foil enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Besides this, with the Modular Door Designs, you get extra stability. The Modular Doors are available with the finest accessories that contribute to its design, stability, and robustness. 

Some of the Key Features of the Modular Door Designs:

  • Ideal for the bedroom, living rooms, drawing rooms, and the main entry doors.
  • Along with the quality design, the Modular door offers extra stability.
  • Goes very well with the other home interior setup.
  • Available in multiple design options and finishes. 
  • Availability of the finest door accessories.

Here are some of the latest The Modular Doors Designs-


The Imperia design style gives the modern look to the home interior. It maintains a smooth tone with the other elements of the home decor. Moreover, different design combinations of the Imperia Modular Doors give a distinct impression on your house. 


The Vinadio design is simple yet impressive. Considering its design qualities the Vinadio doors are best for the bedroom doors. The double door combination of the Vinadio door is also suitable for larger entries. The Vinadio doors with glass have become the most popular combination. Vinadio doors allow you to have additional arrangements such as ventilation undercut and PVC ventilation sleeves.

Linea Forte

The Linea Forte design is compact and known for its robust outlook. Used primarily for the bedroom and the drawing rooms, Linea Forte door design serves the purpose of adding the modern essence of the home interior 

Capena Inserto

The use of multiple filling elements such as glass strips or panels makes Capena Inserto a great design option among the Modular Door Designs. The use of series of glasses and panels gives a greater aesthetic appeal to the door. Capena Inserto can be used for the various rooms as well as for the main entry doors.


The Bianco design is considered universal for the home interior design. It can be used for all the rooms including bathrooms. The mellow design style of the Bianco allows it to match easily with the carpet designs and other elements of the home interiors.

Laminated Wooden Door Designs

The laminated doors are known for their durability and exquisite range of designs. The laminated door designs have an extra smooth surface along with matching bi-folds that can be easily matched with the home interior theme. A number of laminated skins can be used as per the design requirements. 

Key Features of the Laminated Wooden Door Designs

  • Being available in a wide range of dimensions, many designs can be archived.
  • The laminated skins allow adding an extra layer of attractive designs.
  • Being Prefinished, Laminated door designs have the advantage of easy usage. 
  • The Laminated door designs can be made waterproof and suitable to the Indian climate conditions.

Here are the Laminated Wooden Door Designs

Neo-Classical Door Designs

The Neo-Classical doors are combinations of modern versatility and stylistic heritage. It has both essential qualities- aesthetics and strength. The Neo Classic doors come in multiple designs ranges for their suitability for a number of colors, woods, finishes, etc. 

Some of the key features of the Neo-Classical Door

  • Neo-Classical Door Designs are available in multiple options- Grooved Doors, Raised Surface Door, Pressed Doors, etc
  • Sustainable designs under all the weather conditions.
  • Water and moisture resistant.
  • Robust for the everyday usage and applications.
  • Soundproof characteristics. 

Here are some of the latest Neo-Classical Door Designs-

The Neo-Classical doors can be customized into a range of designs by setting the appropriate colors, mesh, finish, and wood grain size. 

HDF Moulded Door Designs

Wooden Door Designs

HDF molded door designs are internationally acclaimed for their quality design standards. The distinctive style of the Moulded Doors makes them a perfect element for the home interior. The Moulded doors come with smooth and textured surfaces. Moreover, the matching blindfolds of the door designs give it a holistic aesthetic significance. 

Key Features of the HDF Moulded Door

  • The Molded Doors Designs are known for their perfect finishing
  • High Durability and the waterproof characteristics
  • Resistance to Warping, Termites, Cracking, and Borers. 
  • Molded doors made with careful design consideration have an instant appeal

Here are some of the latest Neo-Classical Door Designs

Wooden Door Designs

The Moulded Door Design series displays the elegant styles for the beautiful doorway designs. 

Wooden Door Designs

Flush Door Designs

Wooden Door Designs

The HDF flat doors give the contemporary look to the home interior. Depending o the wood grain structure variety of styles and tones can be achieved. The flat door designs are often regarded as one of the cleanest and unique wooden door designs. 

Some of the key features of the HDF Flat Doors

  • Available in the exquisite design ranges.
  • Can be polished or painted to match the particular home interior theme.
  • Shows outstanding resistance to moisture 
  • Flat door design withstands the varying climatic conditions. 
  • More natural and elegant designs are possible.

Modular Veneer Door Designs

Modular Veneer Doors are the best choice to enhance the beauty of the home decor. The magnificent design styles of the Modular Venner Doors come with the mixed features of the Modular as well as Venner Door designs. 

Some of the key features of the Modular Venner Doors

  • Exceptional design qualities.
  • Designs reflect the modern as well as conventional designs and a decent combination of them both.
  • The stability of the Modular Veener Doors is one of the main reasons for its preference.
  • The design quality remains intact over a longer period of time.
  • Sustains all weather conditions and the termite attacks.


Wooden Door Designs

Aramis is best for bedroom doors as they have an innate peaceful quality. By using the different designs with the combination of the glass range of styles can be obtained. 


Wooden Door Designs

Atos has also been one of the best wooden door designs for the home interior. The thematic styles of the Atos can be matched easily with the carpet and wall designs for greater design continuity. 


Wooden Door Designs

Portos is an improvised version of the Atos wooden door style. It has a more casual tone as compared to the Portos style of doors. 

Coral Door Designs

The Coral Wooden doors are applicable for internal as well as external use. When used for the main doors the design can be made more stylistic, whereas for the internal rooms the doors designs can be kept simple. 

Features of the Coral Door Designs-

  • The Coral door designs can be designed in multiple colors to match the particular door design theme.
  • The Coral doors designs give greater flexibility for the unique customizations.
  • Match easily with the thematic home decor elements such as wall, carpets, and the curtains.
  • Different shades and tones can be set with varying color combinations, design elements.
  • With minor design changes the coral doors are suitable for the kitchen, bedroom or the main entry doors. 

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