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All-Important Land Measurement Units And Conversions Used In India

In India, there are certain regional units used for Land Measurement. It is essential to understand these regional Land Measurements units and their appropriate conversions in the standard Land Measurement units such as Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter, Acres, and Hectare.  In this article, the regional units used for Land Measurement In India are classified on the basis of the East, West, North, South, and Central regions of India.

Standard Units For Land Measurement Used In India

Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter, Acre, and Hectare are some of the Standard Land Measurement units used in India. These units are globally accepted and used widely all over the world including India. In India, RERA has made it mandatory to use Square Feet as a standard unit for residential properties. On the other hand, Acre and Hectare are also used to measure and denoting large land areas.

Following are the Standard Measuring Units used in India-

Square Feet

Square Feet is one of the most widely used Measurement Units globally. In India, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act 2016 has made Square Feet a standard unit In India while buying or selling the property. 

The Square Feet are used in India for measuring the flats, apartments, residential lands, commercial spaces, etc. Since square feet are widely used, it is the most transparent unit of measuring the property. Therefore, the square feet unit has a great significance, especially in residential properties.

Square Yard, Square Metre, Acre, and Hectare are some of the other units of land measurements.

Generally, the Square Feet can be easily converted into other important units as:

1 Sq Ft0.092903 sq Meter

1 Sq Ft
0.1111 sq Yards

1 Sq Ft
144 sq Inch

To calculate the sq feet area of the particular land you need to multiply the Lenth and Width of the particular area. This generally helps in calculating the area of the residential properties. 

For example, if the flat has a configuration of 20 sq ft X 20 sq ft the total area will be 400 sq ft.

Square Yard

A square yard is used is primarily used in India by government bodies to fix the standard rates in the region. Square Yards are used in the measurement of residential properties. 

The square yard is one of the widely used measurement units for Land measurements. In India, it is the second most important unit after the Sq Feet. Square Yard gained popularity in the Britsh Rule. Therefore, the countries which were once British Colonies still use the Square yard as a unit for Land Measurement. 

1 sq Yard 9 sq feet
1 sq Yard836 127.36 square millimeters
1 sq Yard 8 361.2736 square centimeters
1 sq Yard 0.83612736 square meters

Square Meter

A square meter is also globally accepted to measure the floor and lands. Square Meter is also a significant measuring unit generally used for large properties The conversion between the Square Meter and the Square Feet can be given as 1 Square Meter = 10.76 Sq ft. 

Some of the important conversions are related to the Square Meter. 

1 Square Meter10.76 Sq ft
1 Square Meter10000 sq Centimeter
1 Square Meter1.19598993 sq Yard
1 Square Meter0.000001 sq Kilometer


Acres is one of the oldest measuring units still used in India.  Acre unit is most widely used for the measurement of large land areas. The history of Acre as a unit goes back to the earliest 19th century Great Britain where it was considered as a standard unit. Because of the British colonization, many countries had to acquire the Acre as a unit of land measurement. 

Therefore, Acres is still used in India to measure and donate large land areas. 

The conversion of Acres to Sq ft can be given as 1 Acre is 43560 sq ft

Other Conversions related to Acre

1 Acre43560 Square  Feet
1 Acre4046.85 Square Meter 
1 Acre0.4046 Hectare


Hectare was first used in the late Eighteenth Century. In India, Hectare is commonly used for farmland measurements. Even though Hectare is not considered an SI unit, it is widely used all over the world for the measurement of larger land areas. 

Following are some of the important conversions for the Acres-

1 Ha107, 639 sqft
1 Ha11,959 square yards
1 Ha2.47 acres
1 Ha10,000 square meters

Regional Land Measurement Units in India

In India, there are different land measuring units used in different regions. Even though the use of standard land measuring units such as Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter, Acre, Hectare are used, understanding the regional units for the land measurement is important. 

Let’s check out the Land measuring units for East India, South India, North West, and central India. 

Regional Land Measurement Units in North India


This measuring unit is widely used in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Bigha is mainly used to measure agricultural land. There is no standard value assigned to the Bigha. The value of unit Bigha is different for the different regions.  In general, One acre of land is equivalent to the 4-6 bighas. 

Here is the Statewise value of Bigha-

State1 Bigha in sqft
Himachal Pradesh8,712
Madhya Pradesh12,000
West Bengal14,400

Bigha is a unit for land measurement that is only popular in North India. Other regions do not have bigha as a Land Measurement Unit.


Similar to Bigha, Biswa does not have a fixed value. It is the 20th part of the Bigha and varies from one region to the other. Biswa is used for measuring the short and medium agricultural land areas in the Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal region.

State1 Bigha in sqft
Assam 720
Himachal Pradesh435.6
Madhya Pradesh600
West Bengal720


Killa is majorly used in Haryana and Punjab states for the Agricultural Land. Killa is equivalent to 1 Acre. 

Conversions related to Killa-

1 Killa 4840 sq yd 
1 Killa 43560 sq ft
1 Killa 1 Acre
1 Killa 4046.85 sq meter


It is used in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. It is also equivalent to 1 Acre i.e 4840 sq feet. 

Conversions Of Ghumaon-

1 Ghumaon4840 sq yd 
1 Ghumaon43560 sq ft
1 Ghumaon1 Acre
1 Ghumaon4046.85 sq meter


Kanal is chiefly used in three states- Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, and Haryana. 8 Kanals of Land is equivalent to 1 acre. 

1 Kanal5445 sq Ft
1 Kanal605.33 sq Yard
1 Kanal506.13 sq Meter
1 Kanal0.125 Acres


Sarasahi unit for land measurement is used in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and the Haryana States. 1 Sarashi is equal to 30.25 sq ft. 

Conversions of Sarsahi

1 Sarsahi30.25 sq Ft
1  Sarsahi3.36 sq Yard
1  Sarsahi2.81 Sq Meter
1  Sarsahi0.00069 Acres

Land Measurement Units in South India

Ankanam, Bigha, Cent, Ground, Guntha, Kuncham are some of the main units used in South India. Let’s have a look at them in detail with all the important conversions. 


Ankanam is mostly used in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. 1 Ankanam is 72 sqft. Also, 605 Ankanam is equivalent to 1 acre.

Conversions of Ankanam:

1 Ankanam72 sq Ft
1 Ankanam7.99 sq Yard
1 Ankanam6.68Sq Meter
1  Ankanam0.0016 Acres


 Bigha is a unit for land measurement is used in Bengal and Assam. 1 Bigha is equivalent to 1600 sq Yard. 

1 Bigha14400 sq Ft
1 Bigha1600 sq Yard
1 Bigha1337.80 Sq Meter
1 Bigha0.33 Acres


Cent is used in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu states. 1 Cent is considered as 435.6 sq ft.

Conversion of Cent:

1 Cent435.6  sq Ft
1 Cent48.39 sq Yard
1 Cent40.46 sq Meter
1 Cent0.0099 Acres


It is used mainly in Tamil Nadu as one of the main Land Measurement Units In India. 1 Ground is equal to 2400 sq ft. 

Here are the detailed conversions of Ground

1 Ground 2400 sq Ft
1 Ground 266.66 sq Yard
1 Ground 222.96 Meter
1  Ground 0.055 Acres


Guntha is used in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka for measuring agricultural land. 1 Guntha is considered 1089 sq ft. 

1 Guntha 1089 sq Ft
1 Guntha 121 sq Yard
1 Guntha 101.17 sq Meter
1  Guntha 0.024 Acres


This land measuring unit is used in Andhra Pradesh. 1 Kuncham is equal to 484 sq yd.

The conversions of Kuncham are as follows

1  Kuncham 484 sq Ft
1  Kuncham 53.77 sq Yard
1  Kuncham 44.96 sq Meter
1  Kuncham0.011 Acres

Land Measurement Units in Eastern India

In eastern parts of India such as Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam use regional units of land measurement such as Chatak Decimal Dhur  Kattha. Among which Kattha, Dhur does not have fixed values. 

Let’s check out the Land measurement units in South India in detail. 


Chatak is one of the main Land Measurement Units in West Bengal. 1 Chatak is equal to 180 sqft whereas 1 Acre is equivalent to 1 Katha in West Bengal.  

Conversions of Chatak: 

1  Chatak180 sq Ft
1   Chatak20.00 sq Yard
1   Chatak16.72 sq Meter
1   Chatak0.0041 Acres


Decimal is also used readily in West Bengal for land measurement. 1 Decimal is 48.4 Sq yd. Also, 100 decimals are equal to 1 Acre.

Conversions of Decimal 

1  Chatak435.60 sq Ft
1   Chatak48.40 sq Yard
1   Chatak40.46 sq Meter
1   Chatak0.010 Acres


Dhur is used in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Tripura. This land measurement unit has different values in all these three states. In Bihar and Jharkhand, 1 Dhur is  68.0625 sq ft. 

Conversion of Dhur (As per Bihar and Jharkhand)

1  Dhur 68.06 sq Ft
1   Dhur7.56 sq Yard
1   Dhur6.32 Sq Meter
1   Dhur0.001562 Acres

In Tripura 1 Dhur is considered as 3.6 Sq ft. Here is the conversion of Dhur (As per Tripura) 

1  Dhur 3.6 sq Ft
1   Dhur0.39 sq Yard
1   Dhur0.3344 Sq Meter
1   Dhur0.001562 Acres


Kattha is used as a land measurement unit in Bihar, Bengal, and Assam. All these three regions have different values for Kattha.

In Assam 1 Kattha is 2880 sq ft. The conversions of Kattha as per Assam can be given as

1  Kattha 2880 sq Ft
1   Kattha 7.56 sq Yard
1   Kattha 320  Sq Meter
1  Kattha 0.0661 Acres

In Bengal, 1 Kattha is 720 sq ft. The conversions of Kattha as per Bengal are as follows

1  Kattha 68.06 sq Ft
1   Kattha 7.56 sq Yard
1   Kattha 6.32 Sq Meter
1 Kattha 0.001562 Acres

In Bihar 1 Kattha is 1361 Sq ft. The conversion unit can be given as:

1  Kattha  1361 sq Ft
1   Kattha 151.22  sq Yard
1   Kattha 126.44 sq Meter
1   Kattha 0.03124 Acres


In Assam, Lacha is used for land measurements. 1 Lecha is 144 sq ft whereas 20 Lechas is equivalent to 1 Kattha. 

Conversions of Lecha:

1  Lecha 68.06 sq Ft
1   Lecha16  sq Yard
1   Lecha 13.37  sq Meter
1 Lecha 0.0033 Acres

 Land Measurement Units in Central India

Bigha and Kattha are the two land units in Madhya Pradesh and other parts of Central India. 


Bigha is Used extensively in Madhya Pradesh for land measurements. 1 Bigha is equal to the 1333.33 sq yd

The Conversions of Bigha 

1  Bigha68.06 sq Ft
1  Bigha148.14 sq Yard
1   Bigha 123.87  sq Meter
1 Bigha0.03060 Acres


In Madhya Pradesh and other parts of Central India, 1 Kattha is considered 600 sqft.

Conversions of Kattha

1  Kattha68.06 sq Ft
1  Kattha66.66 sq Yard
1   Kattha55.74  sq Meter
1 Kattha0.01377 Acres

Land Measurement Units in Western India

In Western parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat and Bigha, Biswa and Biswani are some of the main units of Measurement.

Pucca Bigha

In Bihar and some parts of Rajasthan 1 Bigha is equal to 3025 sq yd. 

Conversion for Bigha

1  Pucca Bigha27225 sq Ft
1 Pucca  Bigha3025 sq Yard
1 Pucca  Bigha2529.28  sq Meter
1 Pucca Bigha0.6250 Acres


1 Bigha is considered as 1936 Sq Yd and used extensively in Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

Conversions of Bigha-

1  Bigha17424 sq Ft
1  Bigha3025 sq Yard
1  Bigha1618.74  sq Meter
1 Bigha0.400 Acres

Pucca Biswa

1 Pucca Biswa is 151.25 sq yard. Pucca Biswa as a unit for measurement is used in some of the upper parts of the Rajasthan. 

Conversions of Pucca Biswa:

1 Pucca Bigha1361.25 sq Ft
1  Pucca Bigha3025 sq Yard
1  Pucca Bigha126.46  sq Meter
1 Pucca Bigha0.03125 Acres


1 Biswa is considered as 96.8 sq yd in the Lower parts of Rajasthan. 

The conversions of Biswa can be given as follows:

1 Biswa8.99 sq Ft
1  Biswa10.75 sq Yard
1  Biswa8.99  sq Meter
1 Biswa0.0022 Acres


One Biswansi is considered as 20th part of Biswa. Since every state has a different value of Biswa the value of the Biswansi changes accordingly.


What Are The Standard Land Measurement Units Used in India?

Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter, Acre, Hectare are the standard Land Measurement Units Used In India

Which Are The Popular Regional Land Measurement Units Used In India?

Bigha, Biswa, Kattha, Leccha, Guntha, Kunchum, Killa, Ghumaon, Ankanam, Sarsahi, etc 

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