How is responding to COVID-19

In these uncertain conditions, we with's portfolio assembled to take relevant actions to prevent the expansion of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of our employees, & customers.

Health And Safety First

Our main priority is to ensure the safety of our customers, partners, and employees. And we thoroughly observing our associations and the regional housing markets to adopt measures as needed. We are persistent to support this promise and we are ready to take more as required.

How are we encouraging our customers


We are strictly following the measures recommended by the WHO and the Nation's government. We ensure that personal property visits will be 100% safe.


We encourage social distancing and the use of virtual tours, such as our 3D Home Tours, and video discussions. Considering contact-less operations.


Inclusively, we are operating persistently to give information about buying, selling, and renting even throughout COVID-19.

How we are operating with our partners

We are working with partners in rentals, mortgages, and the latest construction companies to offer discounts and/or extensions during this unpredictable period to support our experienced clients.

We provide new sources for our agents and our broker partners. To help them adjust their activities while continuing delicacy to swiftly changing guidelines, we share information such as virtual business's best systems and significant changes in tour connections.

Few real estate professionals have information about these on hand, and even fewer have the right tools, processes, and governance to make settlements.

How we are helping our employees

  • Frequent Physical Distancing
  • Mandatory to wear a face mask.
  • Adopting “stay at home if unwell” and flexible sick leave policies
  • Temperature screening before entering the building and office.
  • Physical distancing alone can’t prevent COVID-19 transmission, therefore we follow hand and respiratory hygiene, environmental clean-up and disinfection of commonly touched surfaces and objects, ventilation, wearing face masks, and a policy of staying at home if unwell.

At, we aim every day to build a more sociable and safe world. This phrase—and ideology has never been more top of mind than it is today.

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